BTC projects Personal-Entwicklung - Outplacement - Recruiting
BTC projects Personal-Entwicklung - Outplacement  - Recruiting 

Sonderthemen HR Ausland


Labour market  and HR project experiences  and professional/methodical competences


proven successful in practice labour market action, leading, implementation  and running of
   staff  mediation programs in an international surrounding
  Extensive knowledge of job market skills and tools  and forward oriented job market    
    solutions  field tested mediation concepts for different target groups,  continuous
    alignment of the  content of the  project processes
   networks of experts  and practiced  dealings with social media activities
  knowledge of recruitment processes and special market opportunities with target
  the ability to take the broader view, intercultural understanding and global cooperation,
    living and  working experiences in EMEA, South East Asia (Thailand) and  the Arabian region


  leading and coaching of international  managers during the adjustment process

     willing to travel

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